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The Faculty of English and Eastern Languages ​​was founded in 1940 and there were 39 students in the faculty in its first year of operation. The faculty had two departments: German and English. First of all, the envoys of the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg Sipovskaya K.A., Alexandrov N.M., Malik V.P., Wolfson E.I., Putirskaya E.A. and Penle E.R. played an important role in the process of teaching and learning foreign languages. The first dean of the faculty Sipovskaya K.A. was also sent from Russia. Many years later, domestic specialists began to work at the faculty, who made their contributions to the training of future teachers for many years. Burkhanov R.M., Nakhangova M., Boltabaeva U.T., Ubaidulloeva R.M. and others were the first domestic specialists at the Faculty of English and Eastern Languages.

The situation in the faculty was very difficult in 1941-1945. There were 5-6 students in academic groups. In 1945, only one person graduated from the department, since most of the students went to the front in the ranks of the Soviet Army. The faculty had been developing and improving after the 50s of the last century. Outstanding teachers E.Sh. Aminova, R.M. Aminova, N. Babrovskaya, G.S. Latysheva, L.N. Lapkina, Yu.M. Sharipova, N. Kukharenko, Svirid O.V. Varnavskaya Zh., Hamroeva T., Yakovlev I.N, Kalashnikova I., Asadov Sh. K. were working at the Faculty of English and Eastern Languages during this period, who ​​made a significant contribution to the training of specialists in the fields of teaching, translation and linguistics.

The faculty has prepared a large number of candidates and doctors of sciences, including doctors of sciences, professors such as Jamshedov P., Gogoshidze V.D., Mukhtorov Sh.M. Satskaya P.N., Boltaboeva U.T., Mukhtorova S.Ya., Aliev S.N., Sayfulloev Kh.G., Avganov S.S., Jamatov S.S., Mirzoev H.Kh., candidates of sciences and associate professors M.A. Nakhangova, A.R. Kamolova, Dehoti R.A., Tuskova T., Orishina N.Ya., Sobirov A.R., Sharipova S.Kh., Rizvonova M.T., Dzhaloli N.V., Yakubova V.A., Mamadambarova Sh .M., Rakhmonova M.R., Ubaidulloeva R.M., Saidova L.V., Atoev S., Rakhmonov G., Khaybatov N., Bekmurodov M., Baidulloev A.I., Emomov I., Utaev M..M., Barotzoda F.K., Karimov Sh.B., Qayumov A., Gulomov A.O., Komilov M.M., Bekchaev Yu.J., Umarov A.S. , Sanginova M.B., Karaboev B.B., Haitboeva H. O., Juraeva M., Karimova D., Juraev Kh.A., Aslamov H., Makhmadsolekhi M., Khudoieva H. and others.

Faculty graduates work in the country and abroad. Some teachers of the faculty are the authors of textbooks for secondary educational institutions, institutes and universities of the country.

The first study groups in Tajik language were opened in 1949. If only 6-7 students studied in study groups in the first years, today more than 1,000 students are studying at the faculty. Over the years, the deans of the faculty were Sipovskaya K.A., Vasilyeva I.T., Sergeeva A.F., Boyarishnikov P.V., Gogoshidze V.D., Jamshedov P., Dehoti R.A., Mukhtorov Sh.M., Atoev S., Mirzoev Kh., Avganov S.S., Baidulloev A., and currently the dean of the faculty is doctor of philological sciences, associate professor Sh. Karimov.

It should be pointed out that the faculty, regenerated in the era of independence, worked with a new spirit and initiative and achieved significant success in a relatively short period of time. Foreign scientists and specialists also make a valuable contribution to the training of talented specialists.

In 1996, a translation department was created at the faculty on the basis of the Chair of Stylistics and Theory of Translation, which trains qualified specialists for different sectors in the country. In addition, 2 new chairs such as “English Philology” and “Eastern Languages” were created in 2016. Starting from 2016, “Academic Mobility” for students of this specialty is implemented in the specialty of “English-Korean Languages” on the basis of an interuniversity agreement. Currently, five chairs are functioning at the Faculty of English and Eastern Languages. They are Chair of English Teaching Methodology (the Head: Emomov I. B.), Chair of Stylistics and Theory of Translation (the Head: doctor of philology, associate professor F. Barotzoda), Chair of English Language (the Head: candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Utaev M.), Chair of Eastern Languages (the Head – candidate of philological sciences Kholiqov A.) and Chair of Linguistics and Comparative Typology (the Head: candidate of philological sciences, Aslamov Kh.). These chairs have a total of 77 teachers, and most of them are young people.

The faculty has scientific and cultural relations with England, USA, India, China, South Korea, Iran, and Russian Federation.

An opening ceremony of a Resource Center was held at the Faculty of English and Eastern Languages ​​of the Tajik State Pedagogical University (TSPU) named after S. Ayni  on September 1, 2020. The opening ceremony was attended by the Rector of the university professor Gaffori Numonjon Usmonzoda, Vice-Rector for International Relations Azam Baydulloev, Dean of the Faculty of English and Eastern Languages ​​associate professor Barotzoda Fayziddin, heads of chairs of the Faculty of English and Eastern Languages, representative of the US Embassy Tahmina Niyazova, office manager of the American Councils Firuz Kurbanov and coordinator of the English Resource Center Gulchehra Ochilova.

The English Resource Center is well maintained and equipped with modern computer equipment.

The Center has modern educational books and manuals for learning and teaching English. Books and study guides are written by reputable English language training centers that promote quality English language teaching. Students also use the Center’s library for self-study of the language. In particular, books are available for preparation to the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and other international tests, as well as belles letters.

The English Resource Center was established in 2019 on the basis of a memorandum of understanding between the TSPU named after S. Ayni and American Councils and with the support of the US Embassy in order to provide access to modern educational materials and inform about effective methods of teaching English for English teachers of the TSPU named after. S. Ayni. The primary tasks of the Center’s project coordinator are to provide methodological assistance, equipping young teachers with knowledge of modern methods of organizing English lessons in order to motivate students to the learning process, developing modern educational programs, and organizing and conducting modern research, provide new methodological materials, organize meetings with native speakers and foreign experts to obtain effective methodological recommendations for teaching English, providing English teachers with modern educational equipment and high-speed Internet networks. The Center has modern educational books and manuals for learning and teaching English, the study of which contributes to the quality teaching of English at the faculty.

The Resource Center has its own work schedule, and teachers attend its classes according to the schedule.

The Center trains teachers in modern teaching methods through seminars and trainings. Educational seminars and trainings are conducted by both native speakers and experienced teachers of the faculty. In particular, since September of this year, a seminar on learning and teaching TOEFL by Eliza Britten was held remotely in the English Resource Center. It was conducted in two separate groups for ten weeks according to the requests and requirements of teachers.  In addition, a seminar on exercises and modern methods for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English was conducted by Lisa Mann for five separate groups for sixteen weeks.

Since its establishment, this center has regularly conducted in-service training courses for teachers, and after the completion of each course, the US Embassy in the Republic of Tajikistan presents participants with certificates. At the same time, the center hosts a monthly “Teacher of the Month” competition to encourage teachers to teach English. The teacher who conducted the best lesson on a particular topic is awarded the title of “Teacher of the Month”, and the result is published on the center’s website.

In order to train teachers of foreign languages ​​and high-quality translators and other specialists in the field of foreign languages, faculty teachers are constantly trying to use the latest educational models and technologies in the process of teaching foreign languages ​​at the faculty.

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