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The Rectorate is a permanent advisory body in the management system of the Tajik state pedagogical university (hereinafter - the University) named after Sadriddin Ainy, and it is established in order to regulate and improve the activity of its sub-structures. The Rectorate carries out its operations in accordance with the Republic of Tajikistan Constitution, the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Education," the current laws of the Republic of Tajikistan, the University Charter, Academic Council decisions, Rector orders, and other normative and legal acts and documents of the University. These legal and normative documents establish the goals, responsibilities, and procedures of the Rectorate members as well as the means by which they undertake their duties. The University's Rectorate, a consultative body, oversees the implementation of the Rector's authority, directives, and assignments pertaining to the authority of the Academic Council and other University administration organizations. The Rectorate's actions are intended to guarantee and oversee the University's priority growth as a unified complex.

The main purpose of the Rectorate is to ensure the regular operation of the University as a single complex. In order to achieve this goal, the Rectorate performs the following tasks:

- evaluates the execution of orders, decisions and instructions of the Rector and analyzes approved plans and programs;

- directs the activities of the Rectorate members, which is based on the generality of the tasks assigned to them;

- identifies emerging issues and takes measures to solve them;

- coordinates the activities of the University's sub-structures in order to prioritize the use of intellectual energy, material and financial base of the University;

- carries out advisory and executive duties under the Rector;

- examines existing projects and monitors their implementation at the University;

- ensures the orderly development and effective use of the scientific capacity and material and technical base of the University;

- solves the issues of submitting University employees to achieve honorary titles, state awards, due to significant scientific-research, pedagogical and other forms of activity;

- discusses issues of cooperation of the University with other organizations, educational and scientific institutions;

- implements control over the implementation of the adopted decisions, plans and educational, scientific, financial and economic activities of the University;

- implements proposals for conducting various activities aimed at improving cultural, sports, health services for students, employees and teachers;

- listens to reports of heads of sub-structures on work status and results achieved every week;

- discusses projects and regulatory documents;

- considers urgent issues necessary for the development of the University.



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Full name: Tajik State Pedagogical University named after Sadriddin Aini.Address: 734003, Dushanbe City, 121, Rudaki Avenue.
Telephone: +992(37) 224-13-83
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