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Сhair of English Language Teaching Methodology


The chair of English language teaching methodology is was founded in September 1998 on the basis of the Chair of Foreign Languages Teaching methodology and Second Languages.  Nowadays, the head of the chair is Emomov Ismatullo Boronovich.

Many scientists, like professors Satskaya P.N., Aliev S.N.,  Sayfullaev Kh., assistant-professors  Nahangova M., Boltabaeva U., Utaev M.M., Gulomov A.O., Karaboev B., senior lecturers, Maksimenko E.V., Demidovich N.I., Kashichkina E.I., Sakharova V.V., Umedjonova N., Mamatova M.,  Hojimuhamadova S., Alidodkhonova K., and many another worked in the chair of Foreign Languages Teaching methodology, who  made their great contribution in the training of foreign languages teachers  for  secondary schools in our  country.

Today, there are 12 teachers are working in the chair.  From mentioned number, 3 candidate of sciences, 6 senior teachers, and 2 assistants.

All teachers (Emomov I.B., Sanginova M., Mavlonova I., Gulomov N.,  Komilov M., Saidkhojaeva T., Halimova Z., Ismatilloeva D ., Boboev M., Nurov N., Bobojonova  М., Asadova G.) are engaged with research according to the scientific direction plan of the chair which is called “The realization of communicative relations to the content and the English language teaching methodology in the conditions of the secondary and high education reform”.

The main task of the chair is to train teachers of the foreign languages for the secondary schools of the country. It should be stressed that the teachers of the chair are conducting courses on methodology and technology of foreign language teaching, the modern methods of foreign language teaching, the psychology of foreign language teaching, and special discipline from the school practicalities methodology of English language.

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